A Triptych of American Voices: A Cantata (VOCAL SCORE)



A moving new work by Fred Onovwerosuoke, commissioned for the Coro Allegro of Boston. DURATION OF WORK: 30-35 MINUTES Available at AM Publishers in Full Score for counter-tenor and tenor soloists, mixed chorus, and a chamber orchestra of single woodwinds, 2 trumpets, timpani and strings (, or proportionately more, if needed, for choruses larger than 45 singers). Presenters interested in reviewing the full live recording to call IMI Artists at +1 314 289 4052 or email info@imusici.net.
This offer for the Vocal/Piano Score for counter-tenor and tenor soloists, mixed chorus, with piano accompaniment and optional timpani “FredO’s music [‘A Triptych of America Voices’] spoke with great immediacy. I was struck by many aspects of it. [His] sensitivity to these wonderful texts, the variety of [his] musical language, the clarity of phrases, the economy in [his] choices. I had the experience that [he] gave each idea the time it needs, and no more. No question that the whole audience experienced this unfamiliar music as wholly relatable and captivating…” – Christopher Wilkins (Music Director, Akron Symphony, Boston Landmarks Orchestra) “ “…His [FredO’s] is a fresh voice in a quagmire of sameness. Both works immediately engaged our audiences. The “Triptych” is a fascinating piece – and very powerful….” – David Hodgkins, Artistic Director, Coro Allegro “This is gripping music…It is powerful and one can hear that it sits well in the voices…” – Barbara Scales, Latitude45 Arts Agency, Quebec, CA


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